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Hear the Difference a Quality Instrument Provides

Hear the difference a quality instrument provides at Alamo City Strings on Saturday, October 26.

As the musician in your family develops their musical skill, you can actually hear the difference in their sound. Beginning musicians learn to use their instruments to transform noise to sound and sound to melody. The early days of practicing their instrument sounded much different than the music they can create today. Their musical education is generating a return on investment.

Does your young musician sound better than when they started? Does your young musician enjoy participating in the orchestra? Does your student love to play their instrument? Does he practice without being reminded? Does she strive to get better at playing her instrument? Are you spending more time getting your musician to and from musical events? Can you see your musician pursuing a passion for music?

If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, you are hearing your musician grow. You can hear and see the positive difference music is making in their life. The benefits of a musical education are apparent in your musician. Now is the time to feed their passion and reward their effort.

Bring your student to try out a higher quality instrument and hear the difference a quality instrument provides. Encourage your student to play as many instruments as they can to hear the difference a quality instrument provides. You will see and hear the difference as well. It is amazing. A higher quality instrument will magnify the progress your student has already made and provide inspiration to pursue their passion for music. Find the instrument which will maximize your musician’s developing skills and take them to their next level.

Hear the difference a quality instrument provides to your aspiring musician at the Alamo City Strings sales event Saturday, October 26.

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